The Friendly Almshouses

Request reference number: 
Date of response: 
March 2016

Summary of request

Please provide a copy of the grant application and supporting documents, received in 2013, in relation to The Friendly Almshouses (TFA)'s site at Stockwell Park Road.
1b) What amount of grant was allocated in relation to this scheme?
1c) When was this paid?
1d) What sum was repaid to the GLA?
1e) Please confirm the date on which the grant was returned to GLA and the reasons cited for its return.
2 Please provide any correspondence received from the bidder (or from TFA) setting out the issues preventing delivery of the development within the AHP 11-15 programme.
3 Please provide a copy of the internal GLA email from October 2013 which refer to the development not completing due to problems with site access.
4 Was any further application made in the relation to this site in respect of the 2015-2018 funding programme?