FOI - Routemaster design intellectual property and licensing

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October 2019

Summary of request

I have questions about the intellectual property of the New Routemaster design.

Since there are 1,000 New Routemaster buses in London service which enabled TfL to own the design rights of the New Routemaster bus.

Can you provide information and documents on the design rights, design licensing and intellectual property of the New Routemaster?

Does Alexander Dennis have a licence to manufacture buses using the NRM design features such as the the glazed staircase on their product design?

Under your previous administration with Mayor Boris Johnson. He presented a challenge to bus manufacturers to develop and build spin-off buses using the DNA from the New Routemaster bus. Can you provide me documents and information in relation to it please?

Can you provide me the correspondence between the Mayor Boris Johnson and bus manufacturers on presenting a challenge to manufacturers designing their own products using New Routemaster design features?

References to my questions

"TfL has applied to the Intellectual Property Office for Registered Design Protection for the new exterior of the New Bus for London shown today." (17 May 2010)

Transport for London Investment Decision Making - the New Routemaster Bus

New Routemaster Bus, item 6.

"TfL has a contract with Wrightbus to build the first 1,000 buses to the same specification, but once this milestone is achieved, TfL is free to contract other bus manufacturers to build buses incorporating the NRM's design features."

Budget and Performance Committee 8 March 2016
Transcript of Agenda Item 6

Leon Daniels (Managing Director - Surface Transport, Transport for London): "The principal thing is that it would allow us to take features of the design to other manufacturers and have them build it without any difficulty with Wrights. I do not want to overstate the intellectual property situation. There is more than one bit of intellectual property. When we get to 1,000, all of the issues relating to intellectual property fall away."

Leon Daniels (Managing Director - Surface Transport, Transport for London): "The Mayor had all the bus manufacturers in. It was ADL and Wrights who have been the first to come to the party. I am not surprised by that because they are the principal suppliers of buses in the London market. They are the principal suppliers in the UK market. We have yet to see what other manufacturers may well bring forward. They will be making some decisions about the likely volumes and so on."