FOI - Estate regeneration schemes in London

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Date of response: 
March 2018

Summary of request

Transitional arrangements for the Mayor’s final Best Practice Guide to Estate Regeneration propose that the requirement for ballots will not be retrospective, so it will not apply to schemes where the GLA already has a contract to allocate grant to a registered provider (RP). But it doesn’t list which schemes already have such contracts. Could you provide a list – with the names of schemes, RP, and borough?

Ballots also won’t apply to schemes that already have full or outline planning permission. (Unless schemes are substantially varied in future). Can you provide a list of those, for any that don’t also appear on the list for already GLA grant-funded?

Ballots will also not apply to ‘regeneration’ schemes that have already had yes votes. Does the GLA have a list of current or planned schemes that have had positive ballots?