FOI - Brixton Green

Request reference number: 
Date of response: 
September 2015

Summary of request

Please advise how much money was paid to Brixton Green? Please advise what checks were made by GLA officers on the correctness of funding Brixton Green, and the directors of that organization before any funds were paid to Brixton Green. It is normally GLA policy to use an accountable Body to administer funding when the organization receiving the funding has no history with the GLA. Please advise why officers decided to make an exception for Brixton Green? Please advise what checks have been made by officers on what the funds have been used for since the grant funding was paid to Brixton Green? Brixton Green advertise as there achievement the Somerleyton Road project. There is no community right to build in this project. Will the GLA recover all funding that has not been spent for the purpose it was awarded? Please confirm that no officers or members who have any business or personal connection with the Board of Brixton Green had any influence over the decision to award Brixton Green the grant funding?