Drawing of London flood plain

Flood risks in London

Date published: 
07 April 2014

The Environment Committee has published a summary of the flood risks facing the capital.

24,000 properties in London are at significant risk of river flooding and the Environment Agency estimates that plans currently under development could protect 10,000 of these, leaving 14,000 with no current plans to reduce the likelihood of flooding.

Many thousands more, housing 140,000 Londoners, are at high risk of surface water flooding.

Flood risks in London from London Assembly

The Committee's conclusions are:

The risk of tidal flooding in London is minimised, and river flooding reduced, by the Thames Barrier. The operation of the Barrier and expectations for future upgrades should be reviewed in light of the record number of closures required in the winter of 2013/14.

Many London properties remain at risk of river and surface water flooding. Some are to be covered by flood defence plans, including river restoration, but these plans require funding. The Mayor should lobby government to secure London’s fair share of national resources for flood defences.

Sustainable drainage can reduce flood risk, and is part of the London Plan’s policies for developments. Local authorities should fully implement the sustainable drainage policies of the London Plan.

Many properties will remain at risk, and should be made more flood-resistant. Londoners need to know the risks and to be prepared, for example, through signing up for warning alerts.

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