Mayor's climate change adaptation strategy
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Managing risks and increasing resilience: our adaptation strategy

Date published: 
26 October 2011

Managing risks and increasing resilience is the Mayor’s climate change adaptation strategy for London. It details his strategic approach to managing the climate risks we face now and in the future in order to maintain London as one of the best big cities in the world.

Our climate is changing and further changes are expected. Together, we need to prepare for warmer, wetter winters, hotter, drier summers and more frequent extreme weather. Timely action will bring positive benefits, including jobs, investment, economic security and an improved quality of life. If we don’t act, we are likely to face an increasing risk of floods, droughts and heat waves.

Managing risks and increasing resilience looks at who and what is vulnerable to extreme weather today, considers how climate change will affect the existing climate risks, or create new risks or opportunities in the future and provides a framework for action.

The strategy documents are available to download below.

Sustainability appraisal

The draft Climate Change Adaptation Strategy was assessed for its potential impact on sustainability – wider environmental, economic and social effects – using a process known as sustainability appraisal. You can read the appraisal - either in full or a non-technical summary - by downloading the documents below.

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