Low emission bus zone Brixton

Low Emission Bus Zones

Date published: 
15 November 2018

Pollution from vehicles including buses are responsible for over half the harmful emissions Londoners breathe. Low Emission Bus Zones are one tool to address this.


Stops within a Low Emission Bus Zone are only serviced by buses with top-of-the-range engines and exhaust systems that meet or exceed the highest Euro VI emissions standards. The zones have been prioritised in the worst air quality hotspots outside central London where buses contribute significantly to road transport emissions.


A total of twelve Low Emission Bus Zones are now in operation across London. By October 2020, all of London’s buses will either meet or exceed the Euro VI standard, meaning the whole of London will be a Low Emission Bus Zone


The twelve Low Emission Bus Zones have led to significant reductions in pollution levels. The first two Low Emission Bus Zones at Putney High Street and Brixton have had a major impact, with Putney High Street exceeding legal limits for just one hour so far in 2019 compared to 289 over the same period in 2016, a reduction of over 99 per cent. The average reduction in annual average nitrogen dioxide at the nine Low Emission Bus Zones where monitoring is available is 28 per cent compared to 2016.

You can read more in the evaluation report here

Link: https://www.london.gov.uk/sites/default/files/lebz_report_sept_19_upload...


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