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Connecting with London’s Nature: The Mayor’s Biodiversity Strategy

Date published: 
08 July 2002

London is still a very green city, but increasing development, a growing population and the potential impacts of climate change are putting increasing pressure on London’s green spaces and wildlife.

Connecting with London’s Nature includes a description of London’s ecology and wildlife habitats and sets out the policies and programmes that are necessary to ensure the conservation of London’s natural environment and improve the ecology of the city.  The strategy calls for organisations responsible for planning and managing the city’s green spaces to:

  • ensure the protection and management of London’s natural areas through establishing a network of Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation
  • support and encourage boroughs, land-owners and Londoners to take practical actions to improve the ecology of land they own or manage, including private gardens
  • use the land-use planning system to green the urban environment through the installation of green roofs, planting of street trees and restoring rivers
  • create more semi-natural green spaces to increase habitat for wildlife and provide Londoners with better access to nature

The strategy documents are available to download below.

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