Identity is: The role of history in identity. You will hear conversations about how some people have chosen to take unconventional positions in their personal identities. You will find conversations on how  limitless identity can be. You will hear conversations that explored identity through the angle of people of multi or mixed ethnicities. One example of this is someone discussing their experience of raising children with dual ethnicities. You will hear conversations that touch on the blurry line between appreciation and appropriation of culture when learning of other identities. 

Collaborators: Community Researchers analysed the London Community Story research; listening, transcribing and establishing themes; Belonging/Digital Communities/Equality/Identity/Journeys & Travelling/Relationships 
Researchers: Sagal Farah, Chifa Khelfaoui , Asha Mohammoud, /Nkechi Noel 
Facilitator: Joanna Sawkins is studying for a PhD the areas of community research and public policy. Her work is supported by the GLA and University College London.


Statistics and quantitative data are an important tool in telling the story of London and its people. Here you will find a data that focusses on the theme of Identity. The main data source is the Survey of Londoners which was conducted in 2018/19 and aims to fill evidence gaps and help improve analysis and policy making in the areas of social integration, equality, diversity and inclusion, economic fairness and food security in London. You will also find data from ONS (2019) Annual Population Survey, GLA (2019) Population Projection and QMUL (2017) Polling London. All of this data can be found on the London Datastore which was created by the Greater London Authority (GLA) as a first step towards enabling everyone to have free access to the data that the GLA and other public sector organisations hold.

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Goldsmiths University were a partner with the London Community Story at the collecting phase, hosting the Conversation Booth. This partnership developed into the interpreting stage and following an open call, 6 filmmakers were selected to represent each theme, using solely the audio collected. 

Identity by Katja Trbara

The feeling of being at home in London is only as strong as the relationships you build. But what do Londoners’ homes reveal about their identities? This film takes you behind the curtains into Londoners’ living spaces, revealing their diversity and the things they have in common.  

Katja Trbara is a Media Communications and Cultural Studies student at Goldsmiths, University of London. 


Getting found in London by Dominika Fleszar

It is very easy to get lost in London – and even easier to get found in it, and sometimes in a whole new world indeed. Intertwining my own story of finding myself with the thoughts of Londoners on this matter, this piece tells a story of the countless possibilities that London offers for those who find relief in anonymity and explores how our choices shape our identities.

Dominika Fleszar is MA Arts and Lifestyle Journalism student at University of the Arts, London.

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