Team London Young Ambassadors at City Hall

Team London Young Ambassadors

Team London Young Ambassadors

Team London Young Ambassadors is the Mayor’s school volunteering programme which connects young Londoners with their communities through social action. 

Since 2013 thousands of young people have improved their school and communities by setting up projects on issues they really care about, such as LGBTQ+, food poverty, homelessness, bullying, gender equality and refugees.

Thanks to generous funding from #iwill Fund we will continue delivering the programme until 2020, helping us to target even more young people and able to focus on areas of social deprivation and those at risk of becoming socially excluded.

Schools that participate in the Young Ambassadors programme receive an assembly and a workshop to introduce them to volunteering. Schools also get invitations to youth summits, handbooks and campaign kits and are also eligible to apply for a Unilever Small Grant of £1000 to help schools create even bigger and better projects.

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So far, Team London Young Ambassadors has:

  • Reached 400,000 young people
  • Inspired 134,400 people to volunteer
  • Raised £165,900 for local causes
  • Worked in 2,100 schools

To date:

  • 79% of young people involved display a greater enthusiasm for learning
  • 91% have demonstrated increased leadership among their peers 
  • 76% are now more optimistic about their long-term future
  • 93% of teachers feel the programme has increased their school’s connection to the community

By 2020, Team London Young Ambassadors will:

  • Engage 39,000 young people across 1,240 schools
  • Help to create 2,100 youth social action projects
  • Offer 500 teacher training sessions
  • Work with over 100 alternative education providers including SEND schools and PRUs
  • Offer 45 small grants of £1,000 directly to schools

Where we are working

Young Ambassadors at the Team London Awards 2018

The Team London Volunteering Awards reward and recognise just some of the amazing Londoners who freely give their time to their communities to make them a better place to live. The awards also showcase fantastic Team London Young Ambassador schools that impact our city through their creative, thoughtful and powerful social action projects.

This year the event will be held at City Hall on Monday 15 October: 4.30pm – 7.00pm

The deadline for nominations is Monday 16 July 2018.

The winners will be announced on Monday 17 September 2018. 


The main awards for Team London Young Ambassadors are across 3 categories:

Social integration 

Volunteering projects which bring Londoners of all ages and from all backgrounds and communities together, sharing things in common and making their communities better places. For example:

  • Environmental projects or community food growing. 
  • Family-oriented projects or projects which support other schools or youth groups. 
  • Awareness projects such as campaigning for accessible spaces or supporting isolated elderly people. 
  • Bridging barriers through sport, technology or reading. 
  • Projects which make people feel welcome, such as mentoring, befriending or helping people who speak English as an additional language.

Social Mobility

Volunteering projects which help people develop their skills and experiences, for example:

  • Peer mentoring projects giving people academic help and support. 
  • Befriending projects to improve skills and confidence. 
  • Learning projects where volunteers and participants share and learn new skills.
  • Community projects which seek to address a social mobility issue in the local area, such as parental education.
  • Cultural projects where young people or community members are given support in accessing London events and experiences.

Community Engagement 

Volunteering projects which support London's communities and help them to solve local issues, for example:

  • Community projects where young people are tackling a key local issue such as gang violence or bullying.
  • Awareness raising campaigns which raise the profile of a local problem such as litter or air quality.  
  • Projects which offer local community members and opportunity to volunteer, for example mass planting or gardening, community street parties or sports events.


Within these categories you can nominate:

  1. An individual young person OR
  2. A team of volunteers (this might be a class, a school council, or a selection of students from across the school)
Get involved

The Team London Young Ambassadors programme is available free of charge to all state schools in Greater London.

To get your school involved, please contact our team on email us or call 020 7978 5225.

If your school is fee-paying and in Greater London, you can still be accredited as a Team London Young Ambassadors school. To find out how, please get in touch.

Our partners

The Young Ambassadors programme is run in partnership with WE Charity, as part of their WE Schools programme.

It is funded by #iwill Fund, made possible thanks to £40 million joint investment from The National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund and the Government. 

Unilever and Spirit of 2012 have both previously funded the programme.