Centrepoint café, Soho

This project has achieved its funding target to open a weekend social enterprise café in Soho. The café will offer work experience to homeless young people aged 16-25, providing them with the skills and experience to find work.

What is Centrepoint café?

Centrepoint already operates a resource centre for homeless young people on Dean Street in Soho. This project wants to utilise the centre at weekends to set up a social enterprise café.

The café will be staffed by homeless young people who will gain work experience, including customer service, cash handling and food hygiene. This will give them the skills and experience to find work in London’s thriving food retail and hospitality economy. 

Why is this a great idea?

This Centrepoint café would: 

  • provide skills and experience to disadvantaged homeless young people who live in the local community, helping them to find work
  • provide homeless young people with a stake in their community, encouraging them to be more active and positive, helping them to feel more integrated
  • extend the use of the centre outside of its current hours, making it more flexible and efficient
  • offer a wealthy community an ethical alternative to mainstream coffee shops
  • work with individual and corporate supporters in the food retail industry for advice and support

Find out how this funding was achieved and what the ongoing plans for the Centrepoint café are. 

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