London Review Panel

The London Review Panel panel provides independent expert advice on the design quality of Mayor funded projects or projects with particular significance for Londoners.

The panel has a special focus on place making. Design review takes place from the investment stage, which reduces risks and expense by identifying weaknesses within the proposition at the earliest possible opportunity. The panel supports the Mayor in recognising and supporting high standards of design and ensuring that wider place making benefits happen.

What is a quality review? 

At the heart of quality review is a discussion of a given project by expert panellists acting as critical friends. The aim is to provide guidance to help the project best serve its aims, considering where it is situated and the wider community. 

Who is on the panel?

The panel is drawn from the Mayor’s Design Advocates. These are leading designers and professionals who share the Mayor’s vision for Good Growth.

What projects will the panel review?

The panel’s focus will be advising on projects funded by City Hall. In some circumstances it will also review other projects going through the town planning process; for example, where there are not alternative design review processes in place, where sites fall across borough boundaries, or where sites are of exceptional social or cultural significance to Londoners.

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