The Mayor’s Academic Forum

The Mayor’s Academic Forum works to ensure London’s facilities for its university students meet the standards expected.

About the Academic Forum

The London Plan stresses that our universities’ attractiveness and potential growth must not be compromised by inadequate provision of new student accommodation. The Mayor’s Academic Forum was established in 2013 to address this issue and ensure that the capital plans effectively for its future students.

The forum is composed of representatives from the boroughs, universities, private and voluntary sector accommodation providers and students. It is chaired and serviced by the GLA.

The First Session (2013 – 2014)

The first session, which ran through 2013 and 2014, was carried out to inform the Further Alterations to the London Plan (FALP). The forum agreed an agenda which focused on:

  • future student numbers
  • concentration/dispersal of student housing
  • affordable student housing
  • meeting strategic and local need
  • quality of student housing
  • partnership working

The Academic Forum produced its recommendation on theses agenda items to inform the FALP. Meeting notes and recommendations are provided below for download.

The Second Session (2015 onwards)

Following the Examination in Public into the FALP, the Academic Forum was reconvened to discuss the implementation of London Plan policy on affordable student accommodation and subsequently the development of new policy for the draft London Plan 2017. The meeting notes and discussion paper produced for the meetings can be downloaded below.

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