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The vast majority of London's planning applications are handled by London's planning authorities. More details on the Mayor's role in the planning process can be found on our page on Mayoral Planning Powers.

The table below provides links to the planning application search pages for London's planning authorities, where details of the applications they have received can be found. The search options and results offered by each vary, but most provide full access to recent planning applications and their documents. Please note that the links may change. If the link to the planning search page does not work, use the link to the home page in the first column from where you should be able to follow the links to find the planning search. In the final column you will find a link to each planning authority's policy / propsals map(s).

London-Wide Planning Data

The London Development Database (LDD) is a collaborative project between the Mayor and the London boroughs to monitor planning permissions, starts and completions across London. It has been running since 2004. You can find out more about the database and the types of planning consents monitored on the LDD webpage.

You can view recently granted, started and completed planning permissions within a selected radius from the location you enter on the LDD Webmap. Additionally, you can use the ‘Aggregated’ view to display housing totals at both Borough and LSOA levels.

Similarly, you can search by address on the Planning Permission ‘In My Area’ Webmap for live and recently completed permissions in your area. You can also filter your search by development type and/or project status.


Copies of the Mayor's reports on the planning applications referred to him under the criteria set out in the Mayor of London Order 2008 can be found on our search page.

Link to the application search page


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