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Monitoring the London Plan

The London Plan Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) is the most important document for assessing the effectiveness of the London Plan and its policies.

The Mayor has published an AMR each year since 2005.

The latest AMR

The fourteenth AMR was published by the Mayor in September 2018. It is the first to use the suite of 24 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from the 2016 London Plan to monitor performance.

London Plan Annual Monitoring Report 14

All the data from AMR 14 is available to download in excel format from the London Datastore.

The next AMR will be published early 2019.

Why do we produce an AMR?

Section 346 of the Greater London Authority (GLA) Act 1999 places a duty on the Mayor to monitor the implementation of the Mayor’s London Plan. The AMR is the most important document for assessing the effectiveness of the London Plan and its policies.


The various KPIs are defined in the London Plan chapter on Implementation and Monitoring Review. They are intended to help keep track of key trends, not to individually monitor all of the policies; this would not be achievable or desirable.

London Plan 2015 Paragraph 8.18 states that the indicators “should be regarded as benchmarks, showing the direction and scale of change”. The targets contribute to measuring the performance of the six key objectives set out in the London Plan but do not represent additional policy themselves.

As well as the KPIs, the AMR includes additional relevant performance measures and statistics. Chapter 3 helps to paint a broader picture of London’s performance, while chapter 4 provides links to other data sources.

Where does the data come from?

The AMR draws on a range of data sources, but the GLA’s London Development Database (LDD) is of central importance. The LDD uses data supplied by the London boroughs to monitor planning permissions and completions. It provides good quality, comprehensive data for the GLA, London boroughs and others involved in planning for London.

Data is also provided by:

  • our Intelligence Unit and Environment team
  • Transport for London
  • Historic England
  • Environment Agency
  • Port of London Authority

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