Energy Monitoring Reports

The Energy Monitoring Reports are published annually. They present the outcomes secured by the implementation of the London Plan energy policies (specifically Policy 5.2) through the planning system.

An energy assessment is required for each planning application referable to the Mayor, setting out how the London Plan energy policies will be met within the development. Specifically, applicants are required to set out how the proposals apply the following energy hierarchy:

  • Be lean: use less energy
  • Be clean: supply energy efficiently
  • Be green: use renewable energy

The hierarchy provides the mechanism through which the carbon dioxide (CO2) emission reduction targets in Policy 5.2 of the London Plan are achieved. It also contributes to the implementation of strategic energy policies relating to decentralised networks and ensures opportunities for building occupants to receive efficient, secure and affordable energy.


The latest Energy Monitoring Report

The latest Energy Planning Monitoring Report for 2017 was published in October 2018. It can be downloaded from the 2017 Energy Monitoring Report page.

The Zero Carbon Implementation Report

The 2011 London Plan introduced the potential for carbon off-setting where development cannot meet the carbon dioxide reduction target set out in policy 5.2. This is to be paid to the local borough and ring fenced to secure delivery of carbon dioxide savings elsewhere.

The Review of Carbon Offsetting Approaches in London was produced in May 2016. It shows the progress the boroughs have made in order to implement this element of the policy.

Review of Carbon Offsetting Approaches in London 2016

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