Working with the London boroughs

The London Local Air Quality Management Framework

The Mayor’s London Local Air Quality Management (LLAQM) framework is the statutory process used by local authorities to review and improve air quality within their areas. In March 2019 boroughs were consulted on a range of updates and improvements to the LLAQM. Following a successful consultation, the new LLAQM was published in October 2019. These updates were undertaken in order to:

  • Ensure boroughs are taking ambitious action, which is properly co-ordinated at the regional level, and which supports Mayoral objectives including those set out in the London Environment Strategy;

  • Ensure that London boroughs continue to work towards achievement of World Health Organization safe limits for pollutants even when legal limits are met

  • Update information in the guidance documents to reflect new research, policies, and priorities; and

  • Update Cleaner Air Borough Status (a recognition scheme for boroughs that was introduced under the previous Mayor) so that it is transparent and fair, now promotes continual improvement, and clearly aligns with new LLAQM priorities.

The LLAQM Guidance Documents, templates and tools are available at the bottom of this page, along with a report on the consultation.




Annual Status Reports

As part of LLAQM, all London boroughs must submit Annual Status Reports (ASRs).

London boroughs submitted ASRs in 2018 covering monitoring data for 2017 and we have compiled a Borough Air Quality 2018 report summarising these to give a picture of air quality monitoring and activity across London.

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