RE:NEW case studies

RE:NEW Enfield

Enfield’s retrofit project to install ground source heat pumps in 400 flats is well underway. Enfield is retrofitting eight tower blocks in the borough. The heating upgrade is expected to result in residents’ energy bills reducing by 30-50 per cent. The RE:NEW Support Team provided a technical review of the tenders received by the council.

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RE:NEW Notting Hill

Notting Hill Housing Group are exploring the options for replacing single glazed timber frame sash windows currently installed in conservation areas. Timber windows can be a major challenge to landlords because they require frequent maintenance with associated fees and high scaffolding costs. Old single glazed windows can also result in cold and draughty homes, higher energy bills for tenants and, in some cases, fuel poverty.

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RE:NEW Poplar HARCA case study

Poplar HARCA has around 9,500 homes and 60,000 residents within one square mile.

With a corporate sustainability target in place, Poplar HARCA is looking to fully embed sustainability in its culture over the next three years. 

This will involve assessing infrastructure, housing stock, office premises, staff and communities and instigating substantial projects across the organisation.

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RE:NEW milestone

RE:NEW has reached a significant milestone in enabling and supporting more than £100 million of energy efficiency projects which together will save 24,000 tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

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L&Q is one of the UK’s leading housing associations, one of London’s largest residential developers and forms part of the G15. L&Q launched a project in 2016 to increase the energy efficiency of more than 2,000 of its properties, for which it has used RE:NEW's CROHM and technical risk analysis as well as RE:NEW's framewok of suppliers.

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Solar energy and battery storage trial

Storage and demand flexibility are two key innovations in a 'smart power revolution’ which, according to the National Infrastructure Commission, could save consumers up to £8 billion a year by 2030. The trial project, led by the London Borough of Camden and delivered by contractors Lakehouse and Solgain, aims to improve understanding of the role of battery storage in reducing domestic fuel bills.

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AmicusHorizon has recently completed the first of a series of area-based retrofit projects involving multiple energy efficiency measures at properties on and near the Lansdowne Green estate in Stockwell, South London. AmicusHorizon appointed Ecologic Energy to carry out the works following a competitive tender using the RE:NEW Framework.

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LB Hackney

Hackney Council is in the process of completing a heating upgrade of 800 homes in the borough. The Council has worked with the RE:NEW Support Team for two years and has already replaced 600 units with affected residents’ fuel bills being halved.

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Like many housing providers Peabody is facing cuts to its domestic retrofit budget. This means demonstrating value for money is now more important than ever and Peabody is getting support from the RE:NEW Support Team to help demonstrate this. With support from RE:NEW, Peabody is now better positioned to improve its return on investment and gain economies of scale.

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Family Mosaic

The RE:NEW Support Team has been working with Family Mosaic since 2014 to overcome some of the challenges they have faced in delivering retrofit initiatives across their housing stock in London. This short case study summarises how Family Mosaic have benefitted from the programme.

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Like many social landlords, Moat faces challenges in responding to the housing shortage. Moat has worked with the RE:NEW Support Team since 2013, mainly on its Pollards Hill project  in the Borough of Merton. We spoke to Caroline to find out how Moat is working with the team to deliver better outcomes for the residents of Pollards Hill.

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