Energy Leap Project pilots

The Mayor of London has set out the ambition of London becoming a zero carbon city by 2050. Achieving this will require economy-wide decarbonisation.

London’s existing buildings are responsible for nearly 80 per cent of London’s CO2 emissions (housing alone being responsible for 34 per cent), and with 80 per cent of them likely to still be standing in 2050, a step-change in the pace and depth of our energy efficiency retrofitting, needs to start now. 

In his vision, A City for all Londoners, the Mayor committed to developing new and innovative approaches to energy efficiency, starting with an early trial of net-zero energy retrofitting of homes.

In 2017, the Mayor allocated £450,000 capital funding for the Energy Leap Project which will match fund at least ten zero energy retrofit projects.

If successful, it is expected that the pilot projects will lead to a roll out of the Energy Leap approach on a significantly greater scale.

The Greater London Authority is seeking registered providers of social housing to become partners to deliver the first zero energy home retrofit projects in London through the Mayor of London’s Energy Leap Project. 

Prospective project partners are invited to apply for match funding to deliver Energy Leap pilots.

Applications for this funding are now closed.

What's next?

The Energy Leap Project pilots will support the delivery of zero energy pilots in 2018/19. If implemented successfully, the pilots have the potential to pave the way for zero energy retrofitting at scale, radically changing the way we approach energy efficiency and helping eradicate fuel poverty.

The Energy Leap Project offers project partners the opportunity to become early movers in this field, realising significant benefits along the way.

By participating in the pilot programme, your organisation will gain an in-depth understanding of how the Energy Leap approach can be used to unlock investment to regenerate your housing stock and deliver the following outcomes:

  • high-performance refurbishment at no net cost
  • fast delivery with minimum disruption
  • reduced ongoing maintenance costs
  • better quality building information to assist asset management decisions
  • reduced tenant fuel bills and fuel poverty, and COemissions
  • homes with increased thermal comfort and internal air quality
  • increased tenant satisfaction and wellbeing

If you have any questions about the programme please contact [email protected].

Read more about the Energy Leap Project.

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