Barnfield Primary School 2019/20


High expectations for all, being aspirational 

What problems were in your school and how did you identify them?

  • Low attainment on entry
  • Children who are new to English

What actions did you take?

  • We have clear procedures in place to track children on entry and to identify need.
  • We run key interventions throughout our year groups to target both academic and social/emotional issues and to support parents.
  • We have booster classes to support teaching of key skills in reading, writing and maths. 
  • We place a high importance on developing skills with structures in place, to enable children to achieve. 
  • We have a rich curriculum which provides children with many opportunities to develop skills in a creative way.
  • We celebrate success and give children something to aim for.

What were the outcomes?

Our data shows that children leave us achieving above national average.

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