Mayor's London Scientist

The Mayor’s London Scientist programme is helping to inspire more young Londoners to consider a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

It was developed following the Mayor’s STEM Roundtable, where stakeholders identified that many young people don’t feel science is ‘for people like me’.

The programme aims to boost aspirations by helping more young Londoners to engage with science, get recognition for their achievements and see their own potential as future STEM professionals.

Teachers can find out how to get free national accreditation and win prizes for STEM projects below.

Get accreditation with CREST Award

City Hall is working with the British Science Association (BSA) to boost the number of young Londoners achieving the CREST Award. This is the top accreditation scheme for schools in the country, providing national recognition for STEM projects.

Students are encouraged to investigate topics important to them and their city. BSA have a resource library to help schools with ideas. All participating students receive a special Mayor's London Scientist certificate.


Throughout 2019, the Mayor is making CREST Awards free for over 5,000 London students from backgrounds underrepresented in STEM, saving schools between £30 - £150 per class. Find out if your school is eligible below.

Is my school eligible for funding?

Any state school in London that meets atleast one of the following criteria can access funding in 2019:

  • schools with 75 per cent+ black and minority ethnic pupils
  • schools with 30 per cent+ pupils eligible for free school meals
  • Special Educational Needs school
  • Alternative Providers or Pupil Referral Units
I'm eligible! How do I get started?

Voucher codes have been sent to all eligible schools. If you believe your school is eligible but have not received a code yet, email us at [email protected].

When submitting completed projects, a Mayor's London Scientist voucher code can be entered to cover the full costs of CREST Award accreditation and delivery of certificates.

Primary schools should sign up here for SuperStar Awards.

Secondary schools should sign up for a CREST Account for Discovery and Bronze Awards.

If you are having difficulties, please check the dedicated CREST Help Centre. You can also contact the CREST team directly by e-mailing [email protected].

What are the benefits of CREST Awards?

Research indicates that participating in CREST has a particularly positive impact on students from underrepresented backgrounds. A three-year pilot looking at students from low-income and BAME backgrounds found:

  • Teachers reported that taking part in CREST had a positive impact on students’ skills, including thinking, problem solving and decision making; self-management; and working with others
  • Almost all teachers stated that CREST had a positive impact on student motivation
  • Nearly 90% reported expecting a positive impact on attainment
  • Over 90% thought that student attitudes to STEM subjects had been improved
  • Almost 85% thought that CREST had positively impacted on students’ aspirations in STEM

Win the Mayor's London Scientist Prize

City Hall has joined forces with The Big Bang Fair to offer the Mayor’s London Scientist Prize.

The Prize recognises and rewards innovative STEM projects that explore real-life challenges in the capital.

To be eligible, your project will explore one or more of the following areas:

  1. Air quality – eg, how can we reduce air pollution and protect people from its harmful effects?
  2. Urban biodiversity – eg, how can we support wildlife and green spaces to thrive in the city?
  3. Sustainable city – eg, how can we design London so that we use resources efficiently and reduce waste? This might include a focus on better transport or housing.

In July 2019, projects will be judged at each of the Big Bang London Fairs, where students can exhibit their work and enjoy a free day of hands-on science. 

How do I enter?

Entering your project is easy. All you need to do is decide which Big Bang London Fair you want to attend (see table below), and have a project title and description ready.


You can enter online by clicking on your preferred Big Bang Fair below and registering your details, or by contacting Nicola Hern via [email protected] or on 07980 098652.


Don't forget - the deadline for entries is 14 June 2019!


  Location Date
Big Bang Fair London Central Westminster Kingsway College, WC1X 8RA Wed 3 July 2019
Big Bang Fair London East Newham College - East Ham, E6 6ER Thur 4 July 2019
Big Bang Fair London South Sutton Grammar School, SM1 4AS Fri 12 July 2019
What are the prizes?
  • A school visit from the Royal Institution worth £650. This includes two interactive science shows for students and the local community, as well as a bespoke CPD session for teachers
  • Certificate from the Mayor for each student
  • Invitation to the Mayor's London Scientist Celebration event at City Hall on 6 December 2019
What are the judging criteria?

Projects will be judged on four, equally-weighted factors:

  1. Innovation – how unique is your project?
  2. London focus – how does your project specifically make London a better place to live and work?
  3. Rigour – how strong is the science behind your project, including its methodology?
  4. Application – how easy is it to apply your findings more widely, so that lots of Londoners can benefit?

Judges will be from STEM education, research and industry.