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Probably the most valuable thing from this project for me, is being able to work with other physics teachers. I’ve found it very inspiring. I’ve actually found myself reading up more on things at home and researching new developments in physics. It has reminded me why I started teaching physics in the first place.


This project began with a state-independent school research  partnership, seeking to identify strategies and approaches which support the achievement of A/A* grades at GCSE and A-Level. 

The hub now seeks to address a crucial subjectspecific CPD gap identified in its initial research, whilst also harnessing teachers’ existing expertise. It uses a collaborative, research-based approach to deliver termly CPD. This is subject specific and, where relevant, the hub has partnered with subject associations and exam boards to bring in additional expertise. The hub has also hosted a research symposium to consider the role and importance of research in schools. This brought together almost 100 individuals from schools, universities and educational bodies across England and Europe. 

As part of five subject networks, participating teachers are collaborating to understand and refine what successful practice might look like in the transition from modular to linear courses. The hub aims to nurture the meaningful cross-sector engagement achieved so far. This is genuinely helping to drive forward teaching and learning and is enabling all involved to provide
increasingly effective support to their pupils.


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Christ The King Sixth Form College

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Dr Sue Sing

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Christ the King Knowledge and Pedagogy Expertise Network

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    incl. English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Case Study

I’ve taught at Christ the King College for five years, and have benefitted in so many ways from its LSEF cross-sector research network. As a teacher-researcher, I’ve learnt about different approaches for stretching my most able students, e.g. Harkness discussion, which I’ve since used with my classes. My experiences have also challenged me to think more deeply about my day-to-day practices. I’ve really appreciated ongoing opportunities to engage in professional dialogue about my subject because sometimes it’s easy for this not to happen when we get caught up in ‘the everyday’. I feel I’m now part of a wider network of chemistry teachers, who I can approach when I need to, and that I’m a resource for them too. This project has shown me my subject is the same wherever we teach - as are many of the challenges we face. Being part of the chemistry network has been so useful because we’ve been able to discuss these issues as a group and think about ways to support each other. Our hub has offered me lots of chemistry-specific CPD opportunities and I think its experiences like these that really help you to better understand your subject!


- Deirdre Kearney, Subject Ambassador, Christ the King Sixth Form College

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