Civil Society Roots

The Mayor of London, in partnership with City Bridge Trust and the National Lottery Community Fund, is launching a new pilot fund to support specialist civil society infrastructure in London.

We are offering two-year grants of up to £100,000 to specialist civil society infrastructure organisations in London.


London’s civil society is critical in supporting communities, delivering services and making London the vibrant place that it is. We are offering two-year grants of up to £100,000 to specialist civil society infrastructure organisations in London.

Civil society plays a key role in supporting London to thrive economically, building resilience and providing fundamental support to communities and Londoners most in need. If we look at recent significant events in London, whether it’s the Grenfell fire, supporting EU Londoners with resettlement or addressing serious youth violence, it is civil society that has the reach and skills to support communities. Despite growing demands on services, we are seeing continuing cuts in funding which are only likely to increase, impacting on the capacity of civil society organisations to support Londoners.

As with any system, in order for grass roots and front-line organisations to themselves be resilient and robust there is a need for a diverse and effective support system. This takes the form of civil society support organisations, who exist to:

  • Develop the work and capacity of civil society organisations and groups
  • Convene and advocate on behalf of the sector and the communities they serve
  • Facilitate networks to enable collaboration, learning and strategic coordination
  • Connect local organisations to funders and corporate giving

The fund

The grants are to develop the organisation’s offer of support for their respective sectors and strengthen London’s civil society. We are interested in supporting organisations to develop a programme of work based on their understanding of need in their sector, and in partnership with frontline organisations. 

Find out more in our prospectus.

Who we are looking to fund

Four grants are available for organisations working to support the following sectors:

  • Black and Minority Ethnic led organisations
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ+) led organisations
  • Women’s led organisations
  • Criminal Justice System (CJS), supporting organisations working with victims of crime and offender management

The remaining grant is open themed and will be awarded to a specialist regional infrastructure organisation that can make a case for support for their area of need. All applications should have a regional London wide focus.

Please email submissions to [email protected]

The closing date for proposals is 22nd January 2020. 

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