Supporting the Tourism sector

Every year millions of visitors from around the world come to London to experience outstanding: history and heritage, arts and culture, food, star attractions, nightlife and so much more.

The benefits to our city are huge –  tourism and the night time economy contribute £36 billion a year to London's economy overall and employ 700,000 people.

Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to ensure that London continues to offer the best to its visitors and support those who keep these vital economies going.


A vision for tourism in London

The Mayor’s official promotion agency, London & Partners, has worked closely with industry partners to create a new vision for tourism. It will invest in:

  1. Pre-visit promotion - convincing more visitors to choose London
  2. Visitor experience and information – providing visitors with information to help them do more and see more in London
  3. Infrastructure and amenities – ensuring London can sustain and accommodate growing numbers of visitors
  4. Business visits and events - strengthening the meetings and events proposition

40.4 million people could be visiting London by 2025. This vision aims to help us achieve and manage these numbers in a sustainable way.

What else?

The Mayor will work to address some of the big barriers preventing growth in the sector, including:

  • Lobbying on behalf of the industry over recruitment from the EU
  • Lobbying for continued visa free travel to the UK for European citizens
  • Enhancing Wi-Fi connectivity across London for the benefit of visitors 
  • Making it easier for tourists to walk, cycle or use public transport
  • Improving international connections including lobbying for continued membership of the European Common Aviation Area