The Conversation Booth


The Conversation Booth is a space to record stories and listen to others. The Community Engagement team are working with The Conversation Booth to gather insights from Londoners and about London’s communities.

The booth is a safe, fun and intimate setting which captures the voices of all those willing to be heard. It creates a space for new conversations and encounters between members of a community, allowing a unique insight into the lives of Londoners.

Audio recordings will create valuable archives for the communities involved, and will be used to inform the work of the Community Engagement team going forward.

Where has it been?

Africa Utopia

On Saturday 30 June The Conversation Booth was part of The Arrival event at City Hall, celebrating the 70th anniversary since the arrival of Windrush. Those who attended the event were asked to tell their stories of Arrival in London.

The collaboration between City Hall's Community Engagement team and The Conversation Booth have taken them to various locations with different topics of discussion, including:

  • Southbank Centre: Africa Utopia Festival - Africa in London: Discuss
  • Queen Mary University - What does mental health mean for students today?
  • Woolwich Centre Library - How do you define community?
  • Goldsmiths University - Stories of arriving in London

Listen to snapshots of these conversations by accessing the online archive

The Mayor of London's Conversation Booth tour runs until December 2018.

If you are interested in accessing the full recorded conversations for research or workshops, please contact us: [email protected].

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