Trade Union Bill

Wednesday 4 November 2015, 5:00pm

Motion detail

“Trade unions play an important role in reducing inequality[25]. Given London’s status as one of the most unequal cities in the industrialised world[26], this Assembly believes the Trade Union Bill 2015-16 is an attempt to militate against the economic interests of hardworking Londoners, including officers of the Greater London Authority, by discouraging trade union membership.

This Assembly believes the Trade Union Bill will seek to undermine trade union membership in the following ways:

Turnout Restrictions

Strike action is always a last resort, but the Government’s aim that 50% of members must turn out to vote and 40% of the entire membership must vote in favour (that amounts to 80% of those voting, on a 50% turnout)[27]in ‘important public services’, represents an attack on the democratic rights of workers in London, such as those working for TfL and for the London Fire Brigade.

The Government’s refusal to allow secure online balloting[28] of the kind used to select the Conservative Party candidate for the 2016 London Mayoral Election, and which could potentially increase turnout, suggests that the primary motivation for the Trade Union Bill is to reduce the scope for unions to represent the interests of workers.

Surveillance of Trade Union Members

The London Assembly believes draconian measures seeking the names of pickets and restrictions on social media usage are an attack on fundamental human rights[29]. Oversight of such matters would place costly demands on the Metropolitan Police Service risk the independence of policing in the capital.

Steve White, the chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, recently informed MPs that the surveillance of trade unionists proposed by the bill:

“would be such a massively complex operation and from the police point of a view a dangerous road to go down…It would be a travesty if the police went back to the days of the 70s or the 80s when the police were seen as an arm of a state.”[30]

Use of Agency Workers

The London Assembly is further concerned that allowing the use of agency workers to ‘break’ strikes[31] will lead to staff carrying out work they are not trained for, potentially lead to unsafe workplaces and services, and undermine good working relationships. Such practices could also have an impact of the effective functioning of London’s transport network.

Facility Time and Member Subscriptions

This Assembly believes that facility time arrangements for local trade union representatives and the deduction of subscriptions through payroll are matters for negotiation between employers, such as individual members of the GLA family, and recognised trade unions, which form the basis of good employee relations.

Given the concerns expressed and that, despite the Bill’s potentially negative impact on workers in the capital, the Mayor has expressed ‘passionate support’ for the proposed legislation [32], this Assembly believes that

  • If enacted, the Trade Union Bill 2015-16 could discourage trade union membership, undermining the important role trade unions play in addressing economic inequality in the capital; and
  • This would impact upon the principle duty of the Greater London Authority to promote economic development and wealth creation in Greater London.

The Assembly requests that the Chair of the Assembly writes to the Mayor of London to convey these concerns.”


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