Right Wing Rally in Golders Green

Wednesday 1 July 2015, 10:00am

Motion detail

This Assembly condemns the decision of a number of fringe extreme right wing groups to hold a rally in Golders Green on 4th July, and welcomes the decision of the Metropolitan Police to impose conditions to move the event away from the area and to limit its time and duration. The decision to hold the rally in Golders Green was intended to insult and incite hatred against the Jewish community and, by being held on Shabbat, clearly an attempt to provoke a reaction from local residents.

2014 saw a significant rise in anti-Semitic attacks in London, including in Barnet where the rally is to be held, and after the deadly events in Paris and Copenhagen targeting Jews and others, London’s Jewish community is understandably apprehensive about its security. Irrespective of its location, this event is designed to play on those fears and the risk of violence against Jewish residents and businesses is clearly present.

Whilst the demonstration cannot be banned, this Assembly calls upon the Mayor to support the peaceful, community-led solidarity plan to decorate Golders Green in green and gold colours on 3 July, including permitting TfL street furniture to be decorated as part of the community’s response.

Further, this Assembly calls upon the Metropolitan Police Commissioner to ensure that the most stringent conditions possible are imposed on the far right rally in its new location, so as to avoid serious disorder and serious disruption to the local community, and to continue taking action to close down the anti-Semitic website advertising the event and to prosecute those responsible for it.