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News from Unmesh Desai: Letter to Editor about recent water leaks in Silvertown

11 June 2018

Dear Editor,


Last week, it was revealed that Albert Road, Silvertown has suffered 32 water leaks between November 2011 and February 2018. This is atrocious and yet, sadly, not surprising when you consider that London pipes have burst or leaked 36,000 times during the same period.


It was also unsurprising to see Ofwat hand down £120 million of fines to Thames Water after their disastrous handling of a recent surge in incidents across London.


We have heard appalling accounts from many Londoners who have seen their lives disrupted or businesses destroyed by leaks. Some have had their properties flooded, whilst others have had their water supply cut.


Thames Water have pledged some compensation to their customers, but this small recompense is the very least customers deserve given the inconvenience and upheaval many have endured.


A senior Thames Water official recently remarked that ‘money is not an issue’ in fixing longstanding problems with the capital’s water supply. If that is the case, there is no excuse for Thames Water not to up their game. I want to see them take more stringent action to improve their emergency procedures and put a stop to these seemingly endless leaks.




Unmesh Desai AM

London Assembly Member for City and East

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