News from Navin Shah: Navin Shah AM says the government should freeze rail fares

15 August 2017

Responding to the announcement that rail fares on will rise by up to 3.6%, Local London Assembly Member, Navin Shah AM, said:


“While we’ve come to expect the government to hike up fares year on year now, that’s no comfort to paying passengers. Too many commuters on London’s suburban rail services have had to deal with delays, cancellations and poor services. Now, on top of this, the government are putting up fares at a time when wages aren’t keeping pace with inflation.


“Instead, they should be following the Mayor’s lead by freezing fares and lifting the burden off hard-pressed commuters. If they’re not willing to do that then they should get on with devolving suburban services to London as they promised to do not so long ago.”



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