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News from Leonie Cooper: Thames Water need to up their game in protecting the environment

10 July 2019

In response to the news that the Environment Agency has called upon Thames Water to improve its efforts to protect the environment in a new report published today, awarding the company a three-star rating, Labour’s London Assembly Environment Spokesperson, Leonie Cooper AM, said:


“It is disappointing to see Thames Water, amongst other companies, fail to meet the expected standards when it comes to their role in protecting our environment.


“My latest report found that over the last four years, Londoners and businesses in the capital have been impacted by over 26,000 burst pipes.


“It is clear that water companies, such as Thames Water, who lose a quarter of the water put into their networks to leaks, are simply not investing enough in their supply infrastructure.


“This is particularly concerning in light of the Environment Agency’s estimation that the South East of England could run out of water within the next 25 years.


“It is also five years until the Tideway Tunnel is due for completion, and whilst this is projected to significantly reduce pollution in the Thames, we cannot afford to wait this long for Thames Water to up their game”.




Notes to editors

  • Leonie Cooper AM’s report, Running out or flooded out?: London’s water crisis, can be accessed here;

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