News from Len Duvall OBE: Statement on the Old Tidemill Garden planning decision

11 June 2018

Responding to the Mayor of London’s decision today not to take over Lewisham Council’s planning decision concerning the Old Tidemill Garden Development, Local London Assembly Member, Len Duvall AM, said:


“This decision means the Tidemill Gardens, a community resources which has been going for over 30 years, will be lost forever.


“This did not need to happen. A reconfiguration of the scheme was proposed by the Save Tidemill Campaign Group and would have delivered the same number of units and saved the community gardens.


“Lewisham Council, Peabody (formerly Mosaic) and other development partners decided not to back the revised scheme and go the extra mile to save this community asset. The Mayor of London has endorsed their decision, but it will lead to a loss of accessible community space.


“The GLA arguments for supporting the scheme are poor. Whilst the number of planned affordable homes has been revised upwards, this only comes after pressure from community groups dissatisfied with the original offer, and at a price. Central Government funding is being used to increase the subsidy to developers, who already stand to make substantial gain, to increase affordable housing.


“This so called ‘replacement’ green space is just not good enough, given what the Mayor of London has publicly stated about how he is protecting open space. This decision falls short of those verbal commitments to protect, and where possible enhance, green spaces.


“This area is going to see a further 9,000 homes, which is very positive, but we need good open spaces too. To suggest that green roofs, private gardens, and enhanced footpaths with flower beds form an adequate replacement for the existing community gardens, is to – however inadvertently - mislead the public.


“Whilst the original decision was taken by Lewisham under a past administration, the communities of Deptford, Lewisham and London will be watching very closely any future developments, led by Lewisham Council or the Mayor of London, which have any implications for open space.”



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