Heathrow spends £1.7m marketing runway expansion to London commuters

19 June 2015

As Heathrow Airport escalates their advertising campaign in the run up to the Airports Commission’s decision on runway expansion, it was revealed that Heathrow has spent £1.7m on their runway expansion advertising campaigns across the London transport network. This information was received in a written answer received by London Assembly Member Darren Johnson to a question submitted to the Mayor of London.

Darren Johnson said:

“I’m not surprised that Heathrow has spent almost two million on ads on buses, tubes and trains. The grim reality of aviation expansion will be more noise, pollution and traffic hell for Londoners. As well as the acceleration of climate change which is the biggest threat to our economy. You need a big budget to paper over those huge cracks in your argument.”

Editors Notes

Darren Johnson’s written question submitted at 21 May 2015 Mayors Question Time. Answers received 27 May.

Heathrow expansion - advertising

Question No: 2015/1501

Darren Johnson

How much has the Heathrow Airport expansion campaign spent advertising on the tube system or other parts of the TfL network?

Written response from the Mayor

In total, this campaign has spent £1.7m on advertising across the TfL network (from the start of 2012 until April 2015).