Demolition underway - Earl’s Court Exhibition Centres

25 June 2015

The demolition of the Earl’s Court Exhibition Centres is underway (1). London Assembly Member Darren Johnson has consistently objected to this redevelopment proposal and has criticized the Mayor of London’s for backing the demolition of the Exhibition Centres without properly considering the full economic, cultural and environmental impacts. The Exhibition Centres are worth an estimated £1bn to London’s economy and attract one and a half million visitors each year (2).

Darren Johnson said:

“Boris Johnson’s decision to approve the demolition of a national institution which hosted some of the greatest names in modern music, top events and exhibitions is simply disgraceful”

“While other countries are building up their exhibition space, London is tearing it down. It’s bad news for both the national and local economy where hotels, cafes, restaurants and bars have grown up around the centres and the millions of visitors they attracted”

“Ordinary Londoners will certainly not benefit from the demolition of this premier venue to build yet more luxury apartment blocks, only the super-rich and investor landlords.”

Editors Notes


(2) A London Assembly motion condemned the Mayor of London’s decision to approve the redevelopment of Earls Court. This motion was proposed by Darren Johnson AM on 9 October 2013.

(3) Mayor of London approves plans for Earl’s Court demolition, 3 July 2014

(4) Darren Johnson urges Mayor of London to refuse Earl’s Court planning application, 5th March 2013.

Summary of Darren’s objections.

· Undermine the local and wider economy from the loss of the Earl’s Court Exhibition centres, damaging both London’s and the UK’s world leading role in the exhibition and events industry.

· Result in the loss of a national institution which hosts top events, exhibitions and major concerts.

·Result in the loss of exhibition space and lead to London losing out to competitor nations as they subsidise, expand their event and exhibition space whilst London is already short of exhibition space for national and international events. Excel and Olympia are not a suitable alternative for a lot of the Earl’s Court shows.

·Result in significant loss of jobs. From people employed at The Earl’s Court Exhibition centres and the thousands of jobs it sustains; for instance the removal of the global mannequin manufacturer Rootstein, from its market.

·Result in the destruction of an iconic building which is part of our cultural and musical heritage.

· Lead to further deterioration of local air quality and breaches of legal limits.