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News from Caroline Russell: Call to increase borough walking and cycling funds to previous levels

22 February 2018

Caroline Russell is asking the Mayor to put £13.4 million back into a slashed funding pot to help London boroughs build healthier neighbourhoods in an amendment to the Mayor’s budget. [1]

After condemnation from the London Assembly over planned cuts to Local Implementation Plan (LIP) funds – money used by councils a range of projects including walking and cycling projects – the Mayor reinstated £11.6 million. [2]

However this is still short of the original amount promised for this year by more than £13.4 million.
Caroline will recommend that the Mayor reverses the 2018/19 cuts to money that could be spent on local healthy streets projects by using the equivalent sum from the Mayor’s business rates reserve.

Caroline Russell says:

The Mayor is undermining his own healthy streets plans by cutting money that could be used for borough neighbourhood walking and cycling projects.

Central government is ending the operational grant for Transport for London but this has been on the cards for years and the Mayor can’t continue to use it as an excuse for needing to gut local active travel budgets. 

The Mayor must totally reverse these shock cuts. He should trim wasteful spending on road schemes like the Silvertown tunnel and Croydon Fiveways. That would show he is serious about his healthy streets policy.

Caroline will also ask the Mayor to make London’s energy company fully licensed, funding the £3 million set up costs and £10 million working capital for a fully-licensed energy company from the Mayor’s capital programme reserve. 

To support London’s small businesses to recover from shocks Caroline will ask the Mayor to increase, and make permanent, the Mayor’s fund to support businesses impacted by major emergencies. This amendment would be funded by moving £1.5 million from the business rates reserve.

Notes to editors

[1] Green Group Amendment Feb 2018 will be available from 10am Thursday 22 February
[2] Part 1 – Final Draft Consolidated Budget for 2018-19

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