Assembly successfully convinces Mayor to update Biodiversity strategy

17 January 2014

The London Assembly’s Environment Committee has convinced The Mayor of London that an update of the Mayoral Biodiversity Strategy is necessary, to reflect changes in policy and thinking, since it was published 11 years ago.


In a letter[1] responding to the Committee’s submission, The Mayor said; “I agree with the Committee that it would be appropriate to produce an update or supplement to the Biodiversity Strategy, which would set out: what the strategy has achieved to date, and where it needs to focus in the future in order to support the collective endeavour of those organisations working to protect and manage London’s natural environment.” During the course of its work, the Environment Committee heard that many stakeholders believed Mayor Boris Johnson is not doing enough to protect and support the capital’s green spaces and wildlife, and that local boroughs could do more. Chair of the Environment Committee, Murad Qureshi AM said; “We are pleased that the Mayor accepts the need to update London’s biodiversity strategy. We look forward to playing a part in framing a revised policy that will better protect and promote the capital’s green spaces and wildlife. Many Londoners told us that the flora & fauna of London has evolved over the past decade.” The Mayor has proposed preparing and publishing a supplement to the Biodiversity Strategy in partnership with those key stakeholders who participated in the London Assembly investigation[3] & [4]. Notes for Editors:

1. Response letter from The Mayor to Environment Committee (attached)

2. Letter to Mayor about biodiversity and green infrastructure in London

3. Submissions to our work on biodiversity

4. Feedback to the Committee's investigation (attached)

5. See the 2002 Mayor’s Biodiversity Strategy

6. Murad Qureshi AM, Chair of the Environment Committee, is available for interview. See contact details below.