Clapham Common Westside intersection (Traffic safety)

Date petition submitted: 
16 July 2008
Petition presented by: 
Richard Tracey (past staff) AM,
Petition presented at: 
London Assembly Mayor's Question Time

Summary of petition

‘On 20th June a young resident was killed while crossing Clapham Common West Side. The accident took place at the intersection with Canford Road, where his family and friends have left touching tributes. The section of Clapham Common West Side between The Avenue and Battersea Rise is highly dangerous, not only for pedestrians crossing the road but also for those using the pavement where cars travelling at high speed often end up as evidenced by the frequently flattened bollards or sign posts. Requests 1.The zebra crossing at the intersection of the Avenue and Clapham Common West Side should be raised and preceded by speed humps; 2.A raised pedestrian crossing with red lights should be installed at the junction of Canford Road and Clapham Common West Side. It should be preceded by markings on the floor displaying that the speed limit is 30mph, speed bumps or a speed camera; 3.The existing crossing by the playground should also be raised and preceded by speed humps or a speed camera and 4 extra seconds should be added to the current crossing time to allow for families with small children and the elderly to cross; 4.Cars often end up on the pavement opposite the common. All the way from the Avenue down to the junction at Grandison Road should be protected either by some form of fencing/barrier or by bollards placed 5 feet apart.’ Submitted by Richard Tracey AM to the London Assembly (MQT) meeting of 16 July 2008