284 Bus Route

Date petition submitted: 
08 June 2016
Petition presented by: 
Len Duvall AM,
Petition presented at: 
London Assembly Plenary

Summary of petition

“We, the undersigned residents of Chudleigh Road, petition Transport for London to retain the Hail and Ride service on the 284 route between Ladywell Road and Arthurdon Road and to refrain from installing further fixed stops along this section of the route along Chudleigh Road. Parking is a major problem along this section of Chudleigh Road, even beyond the Controlled Parking Zone. The loss of up to four parking spaces at each bus stop is not justified and will only serve to increase parking problems for residents.”

Response information

Response title: 
Mayor's Reponse
Name of person responding: 
Sadiq Khan, Chairman of Transport for London
Response date: 
13 July 2016
Thank you for your letter of 13 June enclosing a petition about the conversion of route 284 from hail and ride to fixed stops. As you are aware, Transport for London (TfL) has a responsibility under the Equality Act 1010 to provide a safe accessible bus service. This involves working with boroughs and bus operators to ensure there are safe boarding and alighting points for passengers. Working with the London Borough of Lewisham, TfL identified a number of locations for fixed stops along the route, taking into consideration a number of factors including the size of the bus, other road users, and potential impacts on pedestrians, residents and parking. TfL consulted on the scheme last autumn, receiving 140 responses, with 60 per cent of respondents supporting the conversion to fixed stops. Notably, the consultation raised local concerns over the loss of on-street parking. In response to this, TfL reviewed its proposals and decided to remove the proposed northbound stop on Chudleigh Road (opposite numbers 11 and 13). This minimised the impacts of the scheme on parking provision, while still ensuring that the distance between stops is kept at an acceptable 300 to 400 metres. For more information about the consultation and to read TfL’s report and responses to the main issues raised, please visit TfL’s website at: consultation.tfl.gov.uk/buses/route-284. Following further correspondence from local residents and stakeholders, TfL also reviewed the location of another stop, originally proposed to be located outside 19 and 21 Chudleigh Road and considered relocating this outside 45 and 47 Chudleigh Road to lessen the impact on the controlled parking zone. Nonetheless, I appreciate the strength of feeling expressed by residents on this and I can confirm TfL has now agreed to postpone the installation of this stop indefinitely. TfL is concerned that there is now a gap of around 500m between Ladywell Station and the first stop of Chudleigh Road, and will keep this situation under review therefore. Should complaints from passengers with mobility problems about this gap be received, TfL will need to consider installing this stop in the future: as it stands currently, TfL will not install any more fixed stops on Chudleigh Road. I hope this has gone some way to explain that TfL has done everything it can to ensure a safe and accessible service while not inconveniencing residents.