Working Group on the effects of leaving the European Union

Wednesday 6 July 2016, all day

Motion detail

“This Assembly recognises and accepts the democratic vote of the British people to leave the European Union.


“This Assembly also notes that London, as a region of Britain, voted overwhelmingly to remain within the European Union.


“This Assembly recognises that the decision to leave the European Union will have major consequences for London, as the capital of Great Britain, and for the lives of people who live and work in this city.


“This Assembly believes strongly that London’s voice needs to be heard loudly and clearly in the consequential negotiations regarding Britain’s exit from the EU.


“This Assembly therefore determines to set up a working group to examine the effects of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union on London and Londoners, and to make recommendations to the Mayor, to the government and any other relevant parties with whom we may favourably make the case for London over the coming years. 


This working group should be set up as soon as is practicable and as a Panel of the London Assembly’s Oversight Committee.


Further to the Mayor of London’s and Prime Minister’s statements, this Assembly also endorses the view that London should take a full role in the highest level of negotiations around the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.”