Wednesday 5 June 2013, 10:30am

Motion detail

This Assembly is shocked and deeply disturbed at the recent murder in Woolwich of a member of the armed services. The thoughts of every Member of the London Assembly are with the victim’s family and his armed forces colleagues.

Despite the barbarism of this act, this Assembly commends the response of local people and, in particular, the utmost bravery of the women whose confrontation of the attackers may have stalled them and prevented further loss of life. 

These actions are a reflection of the values and strength of our community. 

During this difficult time, the London Assembly calls for calm, and encourages the public to allow the Metropolitan Police the time and space necessary to carry out their investigations, so that those responsible for this appalling crime can be brought to justice.  This Assembly also welcomes the statements of support for the victim’s family and condemnation of the attack from all faith groups and communities across the U.K.

The behaviour of a small number of extremist protesters in Woolwich on the evening of the murder was sickening and obstructive to the police inquiry, with valuable resources diverted towards policing this contrived event aimed at creating conflict between people in the local community and beyond. This Assembly rejects the actions of the ‘English Defence League’ and calls on all Londoners to work together to defeat hatred and terror in all its forms.