Treatment of Isa Muazu

Wednesday 4 December 2013, 10:00am

Motion detail

This Assembly calls upon the Mayor of London to make urgent representations to the Home Secretary over the treatment of Isa Muazu whilst he was held at Harmondsworth detention centre.


The Assembly believes the treatment of Mr. Muazu has been appalling. Mr. Muazu was deemed not fit to fly by his doctor yet, on 29 November, he was still stretchered onto a chartered private plane and flown to Nigeria, where the authorities did not give permission for the plane to land. Mr. Muazu has now been returned to the UK and is back in Harmondsworth detention centre. Not only is this treatment unjust but £180,000 of taxpayers money was wasted on this chartered flight that served no purpose.


The courts and the legal process are the best place to resolve cases like this, but we remain concerned about the appropriateness of his detention and attempted deportation when Mr Muaza was in need of medical treatment. This Assembly believes Mr. Muazu, who is reported to be “seriously ill”, should be receiving medical treatment in an appropriate medical facility. This Assembly calls on the Mayor of London to intervene to ensure that Mr. Muazu is treated with humanity, which he has not received from the government to date.