Royal National Lifeboat Charity

Thursday 8 March 2018, all day

Motion detail

This Assembly notes that the Royal National Lifeboat (RNLI) charity provides the primary search, rescue and medical capability on the river from its three stations on the tidal Thames in London, two of which (Chiswick and Tower) provide 24/7 crew cover with a 90 second launch time, a faster launch than anywhere else in the UK. These lifeboat stations are busier than any other in the country and their work should be applauded and assisted.


Together with the Metropolitan Police Marine branch, London Fire Brigade, London Ambulance, Port of London Authority and Coastguard support they rescued some 240 people last year. Nevertheless, a significant and unacceptable number of Londoners drowned in the river in 2017 and in the preceding 7 years.


More lives could potentially have been saved if all riparian boroughs and Transport for London actively supported proposals by the Thames River Safety Forum (RNLI, PLA, Marine Police, Fire Brigade, LAS & Coastguard) to enhance prevention and safety measures to cut London's unacceptable drowning figure.


Accordingly, this Assembly calls on the Mayor of London to do all he can to support the efforts of the Thames River Safety Forum to reduce deaths from drowning, to encourage TfL and the riparian boroughs to do the same, and to take a personal interest in improving outcomes.”