Response to Airport Commission interim report

Thursday 15 January 2015, 10:00am

Motion detail

This Assembly notes the interim report published by Sir Howard Davies’ Airports Commission and the options proposed for expanding Heathrow and Gatwick. The Assembly also notes that the Estuary Airport options have not made the shortlist, though more work will be done before a final decision on shortlisting is made in the New Year.


In particular, we welcome Sir Howard Davies’ recommendations on increasing surface access at our existing airports and we note that a number of projects are now contained within the National Infrastructure Plan, namely: 


  • committing £50 million towards a full redevelopment of the railway station at Gatwick; 
  • setting up a new study into southern rail access to Heathrow; 
  • accelerating a Network Rail study into the Brighton Mainline; 
  • extending the scope of the East Anglian Mainline study to include access to Stansted; 
  • including the Gatwick to London route on a planned trial of smart ticketing; and 
  • Including access to Gatwick in the Highways Agency study on local motorways. 


The London Assembly also urges the Mayor to support Sir Howard Davies’ recommendation of the establishment of an independent noise regulator for London.


The Assembly recalls its recent Transport Committee report “Airport Capacity in London” which ruled out expansion of Heathrow and identified significant spare capacity at other airports in the South East.


The Assembly reaffirms its opposition to Heathrow expansion plans and calls on the Airports Commission to rethink its approach targeting the use of spare capacity at airports serving the South East.