Providing shelter to refugees

Wednesday 8 June 2016, all day

Motion detail

“This Assembly welcomes the Mayor’s previously stated support for refugees and in particular his support for the UK offering sanctuary to more unaccompanied children. With its diverse population and experienced public services, London is culturally well-placed to accept refugees.


This Assembly notes that the Government is currently consulting local authorities on this issue, and that the number of children accepted and the timeline for these acceptances will depend in part on the authorities’ responses.


The London Assembly recognises that London boroughs have been subjected to amongst the deepest funding cuts imposed by the current Government and its predecessor. This Assembly believes that London local government’s desire to offer assistance to refugees must be met with an equally-strong commitment by central government to provide the funding that will enable local authorities to assist these most vulnerable of people.


This Assembly therefore calls on the Mayor to set out his position on refugees and what he will do to work with all local authorities in London to ensure that they can continue to provide shelter to those fleeing their country of origin, in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster”