Privately Owned Public Space in London

Thursday 7 September 2017, all day

Motion detail

“This Assembly welcomes the Mayor’s comments in response to revelations about the extent of privately owned public space in London and the non-transparent way private owners of public squares and parks set rules for the public.


The Deputy Mayor for Planning, Regeneration and Skills told the Guardian newspaper the Mayor’s new London Plan would seek to “maximise access and minimise restrictions, as well as enabling planners to establish potential restrictions at the application stage for new developments”.


This Assembly believes that the next London Plan should go further and establish real public transparency and accountability for setting rules to govern these spaces through the lifetime of developments, not just at the application stage.


The Assembly therefore calls upon the Mayor to ensure that the aspirations set out in his Public London initiative are enshrined in the London Plan so that transparent, accountable and uniform guidance can be provided across London.”