Permitted Development Rights

Wednesday 24 October 2012, 12:00pm

Motion detail

The London Assembly notes:

The coalition government’s recent announcement of a range of measures intended to boost British housebuilding, jobs and the economy;

That this announcement includes proposals for a three-year relaxation of permitted development rules and the renegotiation of existing planning obligations.


The London Assembly believes:

That local authorities are best placed to manage the development of land and buildings;

That allowing home owners to build extensions of up to eight metres without the need for planning permission could cause lasting damage to the built environment and result in  neighbourhood disputes;

That mixed communities should be actively promoted across London.

The London Assembly therefore calls on the Mayor, as the strategic planning authority for London, to reaffirm his commitment to mixed and balanced communities, and to reject any attempt to renegotiate existing planning obligations where this would lead to a reduction in the level of affordable housing being provided. 

The London Assembly also calls on the Mayor to oppose any attempt to significantly extend permitted development rights, and to ensure that the London Plan provides adequate support to Local Authorities in enforcing existing planning controls to protect back garden and preventing unsuitable development.