Pedestrian crossing timings

Wednesday 15 January 2014, 10:00am

Motion detail

This Assembly notes recent evidence from University College London, which revealed that 76% of men and 85% of women over the age of 65 have a walking speed which is slower than the 1.2 metres per second assumed by Transport for London when setting the timings on pedestrian crossings. On an average road width, applying a slower walking speed of 0.8 metres per second would increase the pedestrian crossing time by around three seconds, enabling older Londoners to safely cross the road.


This Assembly therefore calls on the Mayor of London, as Chair of Transport for London, and Transport for London to:


  • amend guidance for pedestrian crossing timings to assume a walking speed of 0.8 metres per second,
  • immediately start trialling extended crossing times at specific times of the day at TfL controlled crossings, and
  • bring forward plans to ensure all TfL controlled crossings at least meet the DfT minimum standard relating to blind and partially sighted people, so that they are able to safely cross TfL roads.