Four Tracking Between London Liverpool Street and Stansted Airport

Tuesday 9 December 2014, 12:00pm

Motion detail

“This Assembly welcomes the fact that Network Rail is currently consulting on its Anglia route study document, but we are disappointed that it has not prioritised the four-tracking of the route between Liverpool Street and Stansted Airport.

This Assembly notes that the Mayor has announced that Crossrail 2 could be open by 2029 and that would require four tracking of the Lea Valley line, but that Network Rail sees four-tracking as one of the options for meeting passenger demand up to 2043.

This Assembly further notes that the document confirms that, “prior to publication of the final Route Study, more detailed work with stakeholders will be undertaken to better understand the benefits and potential funding sources in relation to any early four-tracking to the Lea Valley”

This Assembly believes that the Upper Lee Valley Opportunity Area will create over 15,000 new jobs and over 20,100 new homes by 2031 and that four-tracking is vital to support these plans.

This Assembly therefore urges Network Rail to work with Transport for London, and other stakeholders, to develop a sound business case and timetable  for progressing with four-tracking of the line between London Liverpool Street and Stansted Airport as soon as possible.”