Fare increases

Wednesday 6 November 2013, 2:00pm

Motion detail

This Assembly is concerned at the prospect of a further excessive fare increase for 2014/15.


The Assembly regrets the fact that the Mayor has increased fares by 33% during his time in office. This equates to a real-terms increase of 14% over the same period.


This Assembly also notes that the Mayor’s fare increases have disproportionately impacted on bus users, with single fares increased by 55% - from 90p to £1.40 – since he took office in 2008.


This Assembly calls on the Mayor to keep fares down in 2014, at or below inflation.


This Assembly also calls upon the Mayor to give urgent consideration to a number of targeted fare reductions, such as a travelcard for part-time workers and a one-hour bus ticket, as proposed in the recent London Assembly Transport Committee report on bus services in London