English GCSEs

Wednesday 24 October 2012, 12:00pm

Motion detail

This Assembly notes with concern the decision by Ofqual to change the C/D boundary for English GCSEs mid-year, meaning students whose work was assessed in June had to attain more marks than their peers whose work was submitted in January. This has resulted in thousands of students across London missing out in a vital C grade in their GCSE English exam, in many cases preventing them from continuing into further education. 

This Assembly believes that it is wrong to play politics with children's futures; that exams must be both rigorous and fair; and that moving the goal posts for students mid-year is inherently unfair and sends out entirely the wrong signal to students. 

This Assembly notes the Mayor’s recent declaration at Conservative Party Conference that “we need look at what is happening in our schools”. Further, this Assembly recognises the focus of the Mayor’s year-long education inquiry in to the “four in 10 of London’s school children [who] do not achieve the level [of GCSEs] needed for good life chances”. With this in mind, the Assembly calls on the Mayor to make urgent representations to the Education Secretary on behalf of students in London who have missed out on a C grade in English because of this unfair change.