Diamond Jubilee Bridge

Wednesday 7 September 2016, all day

Motion detail

“This Assembly notes proposals for a Diamond Jubilee Bridge, a pedestrian and cycle crossing between Battersea and Fulham, for which planning permission and Mayoral consent have been granted.


“The Assembly notes that a crossing in this location could encourage more walking and cycling, reduce overcrowding on cross-river bus services and by providing a link from Battersea to Imperial Wharf station could reduce pressure on Clapham Junction station.


“The Assembly acknowledges the significant public support for the scheme and the absence of any ongoing liability. Transport for London is working with Wandsworth Council to assess the costs and benefits, and to explore opportunities to secure the outstanding funding needed.


“The Assembly calls on the Mayor to appoint TfL as the delivery agent and to make representations to the government for financial support or underwriting to help the scheme progress, providing the economic case is confirmed.”